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HGS '65 *** 30th Reunion!

Our 30th reunion was attended by about 15 classmates, many of whom had not attended any previous reunion, in particular Jeff Alderman, John Gamble, and Paul O'Connell. The event again began at Malone's. The evening happened to be Dr. John's birthday, which was celebrated with due fanfare, off key chant, and cake. HGS 65 30th Reunion
This picture shows John Gamble with Matt D'Alessio at Malone's. John and Stinger at the 30th Reunion.
This photograph shows Doug Romero and Bob Seldon at Malone's. Romero and Seldon in 1995
Those capable of physical activity the next morning, actually only Gordon Clark, Tom Delaney, and John Mordes, ran the student/alumni cross country foot race through the new property acquired through the gift of John Malone. Dr. John came in first among the "old people." The 30th Reunion Footrace Team
Saturday was a very special day on which the school announced the creation of the Don Ferguson Scholarship Fund. As all of you know, Don was the only member of our class to serve and to die in Viet Nam. Matt D'Alessio delivered a memorial tribute to Don who, we learned for the first time, had served as a mentor and tutor to Matt. It was a moving experience, and for many of us the last time we were to see Matt who died the following year. Matt Delivering a Memorial Tribute to Don Ferguson, May 13, 1995
After the dinner on Saturday, those who had endured sat for this photo and for some reason volunteered John Mordes to be Class President. Front row: Rick Ross, Jim Waterman, Bill Mack, Brian Hearn, Doug Romero. Middle row: Bob Jose, Paul O'Connell, Matt D'Alessio, Bob Seldon. Back row: Jeff Alderman, Hutch, Dr. John, Tom Delaney, Bill Kneisel. Missing but attending the reunion were John Gamble, Marc Lendler, Gordon Clark, Alan Milstone. HGS '65 30th Reunion Group Photo

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