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HGS '65 * 39th Reunion & Distinguished Alumnus Award to Tom Burkhard *  May 7-8, 2004!

HGS '65 was not scheduled to have a reunion in 2004, but the school made the year special for our class by choosing Tommy Burkhard, now Rear Admiral Burkhard, to receive the Distinguished Alumnus Award.

Our 39th impromptu reunion started with a dinner in Tom's honor on Friday night, following a reception that was held at the school. Attending were Tom, Hutch, Hugh MacArthur, Doug Romero, Bill Kneisel, Marc Lendler, Bill Sarris Bob Schulz, Tom Delaney (who flew in from California), and Ken Paul.

The highlight of the event was Tom's address. Click here to read the text.

The Class of '65 after dinner on May 13, 2000

Left to right: Paul, Romero, MacArthur, Kneisel, Burkhard, Mack, Lendler. Click for a larger version.

Guest of honor Tom Burkhard with Jim Waterman
The event was held at Mory's and featured a large container fashioned of precious metals and filled with an elixir.

Here's Tom Delaney before, during, and after.


Kneisel, Mack, Lendler, and Schulz
Bob Schulz and Bill Sarris
Bill Sarris
Doug Romero
MacArthur and Romero
Bob Schulz
Jim Waterman
The awarding of the Distinguished Alumnus award took place on Saturday afternoon, following an address by Tom. He chose first to recount the mentoring he received from Karl Crawford and to pay tribute to a teacher who had become a lifelong friend.

Next Tom spoke in detail on the status of the nation's defense, the war on terrorism, and the ironic change in national temperament that has seen those from fortunate backgrounds abandon the traditional commitment to the military that had characterized all classes until recent decades.

We hope to have the full text of Tom's address to share with you soon.

The lexture was held in the new Malone Science Center

Here are Tom Delaney, Hutch, and Mr. Paul in the anteroom before the lecture.

Neil Hiltunen, class of '64 was in for his 40th reunion. He is here with Bill Kneisel and Bill Mack.

Head of School Barbara Riley introduces Tom.

Tom addressing an attentive audience. He spoke for 45 minutes.

Click here to read the text of the address he delivered on that occasion.

Tom concluded his address with an animated slide presentation demonstrative of his deep commitment to the men and women with whom he serves in uniform.

Following the lecture, Tom received his Distinguished Alumnus award from Barbara Riley.

Tom and his award.

Click for a larger image.

Waterman, Mack and Hutchinson

Following the talk, the session adjourned to the new Heath Commons Building where a service was held in memory of those members of reunion classes who had died.

Hutch in front of the new Heath Commons


The prayer service concludes. The old wooden school replica has been moved again; fugit tempus at HGS

Next was a reception held for all the "official" reunion classes and those of us from '65.

From the left, Schulz, Delaney, Mordes, Waterman, Mack, Burkhard, and Hutchinson

Click for a larger image.

Tom and Tom's faculty mentor Karl Crawford, to whom Tom paid tribute during his talk.

Delaney, Tom, Karl, Mordes, Paul Thim of the class of '64, Hutch, Schulz, Mack and Waterman

Bill Mack, Tom, and Tom's wife Sue.

Two Namal Commanders of the class of '65

The evening concluded with dinner in Heath Commons for all the reunion classes.

Tom and a few of his classmates enjoyed the head table with the company of Head of School Riley and Karl Crawford.

Barbara Riley addressing the reunion classes

Bill and Deena Mack

Bill and Hutch
Karl and another of his students.
Hutch, Tom and Karl

The end of the evening
Hutch and Tom Delaney

Bill and Hutch discussing plans for the HGS '65 40th reunion next May.

Some of the HGS staff who made the evening happen.

Here's the list of attendees.
  • Burkhard
  • Delaney
  • Hutchinson
  • Lendler
  • Macarthur
  • Mack
  • Mordes
  • Kneisel
  • Romero
  • Sarris
  • Schulz
  • Waterman


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