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HGS '65 *** 40th Reunion: Friday!

The 40th Reunion of the HGS class of 1965 began on Friday, May 6, 2005. It was an extraordinary day for those of us who were there.
Hutch started the day with a visit to Dr. John's dad, now 89, who used to give a ride to a lot of our classmates. Hutch's dad is about the same age!
Hutch prepares to head back to Baldwin Hall and--study!
The two day event began with the opportunity to attend classes Friday morning and afternoon.

Paul O'Connell, Hutch, and John Mordes attended a Military History Class taught by Gerard Casanova.

Here is Mr. Casanova with two senior students in a renovated 3rd floor Baldwin Hall Classroom..

The presence of West Point graduate and Viet Nam combat veteran Paul O'Connell made that day's military history class quite extraordinary.
Hutch brought his usual academic intensity to the morning.
A good time was had by all
In the afternoon, Dr. John attended. Mrs. Katsaros' French I class. It was held in the same room that for decades was that of Mr. De Noyon.

New was a TV on which the student watch some of the classic Cocteau 1946 movie La belle et la bÍte.

Several of the students has been prizewinners in an extramural competition.

Dr. John also attended attended an third year Spanish class.

The session was held in Hopkin's extraordinary new web-based language laboratory, a far cry from the telephone-switch-based system of our era.

A member of the class of '55 also attended with his wife. 

Paul and Hutch also attended an Atlantic History class in the afternoon. John attended a 7th grade

Susan Bennitt, who lived in Spain for 25 years, would be anyone's ideal language teacher.

Here's a view of what the students can access. the assignment was to go to a art web site (click here to see it) all in Spanish, select three of Goya's caprichos, write a paragraph giving your reaction to each, and then e-mail it to the teacher at the end of class.

Neat, huh?


Then it was on to Mory's for an evening of fun, food, libations, and conversation. Fifteen of us were there.

Clark and Delaney

Waterman, Clark, Delaney, Romero

John Cherniavsky


Schulz, O'Connell, and Milstone

Alan Milstone

Before Dinner

Bill Mack


Jose, Hutch, and Schulz

Oenophile Clark ordered the wine.

O'Connell, Mack, and Milstone

Bob Seldon

At dinner

Class Secretary Tom Delaney

At dinner

Bob Seldon

At dinner

Marc Lendler

The pleasure of each other's company

Jim Waterman

Bob Jose

Hutch and Dr. John

Doug Romero

Dr. John and Col. O'Connell


Col. Paul O'Connell

Bob Schulz

Hutch and Schulz



One of those infamous Mary's cups arrives




The bill arrives. Who, Me?



John Cherniavsky and his charming wife Maria Zemankova


Lendler and Seldon

Dr. Clark

In our private room at Mory's, thanks to Gordy.

Quod felix sit

There was no end to the conversation, which continued until closing time.

The Red Sox fans came too.

Head of school Barbara Riley and Development Officer Deena Mack, Bill's wife, joined us late in the evening

Seldon's genial good humor is infectious


Bob Seldon, a gifted raconteur, regales us with his tales of good, evil, and confusion.

The graciousness, hospitality, and good natured interest of Barbara Riley and all the staff and faculty were in evidence throughout the weeked and greatly appreciated by all of us
Here is a list of classmates who came on Friday  
  • Hutchinson
  • Mordes
  • Waterman
  • Clark
  • Delaney
  • Mack
  • Romero
  • Milstone

  • Cherniavsky

  • Schulz

  • O'Connell

  • Lendler

  • Jose

  • Seldon

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