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HGS '65 *** 40th Reunion: Saturday!

The 40th Reunion of the HGS class of 1965 concluded on Saturday, May 7, 2005. It was an extraordinary day, especially the morning and the moment many of us saw Nick Doob for the first time in nearly 40 years.  The day was exciting, at times very moving, and always very interesting.
We convened on Saturday at 11 a.m. with coffee in a private lounge in the Heath Commons.

The idea was, well, just to talk. We thought that our own histories were probably the most interesting events.

That turned out to be true.

Waterman, Clark, Mack, Hutchinson, and former teacher Ken Paul Sr.

Dr. John started things rolling by explaining what the idea of the morning and, indeed, the reunion was.

We didn't need much prodding.

We covered a lot.  Just a few of the topics:

Dr. John's "Cliff Notes" take on the looming crisis in health due to rising rates of obesity and diabetes.

From the door: O'Connell, Schulz, Hitch, Lendler, Delaney, Tom's wife Sandy, Ken Paul, Sr. Cherniavsky

Paul O'Connel's insights (as an authority in espionage and as a  security consultant) into current Americal geopolitics.

John Cherniavsky on the nature and future of the National Science Foundation.

Gordy Clark's odyssey from a brush with the ministry to a career in providing mental health services for the disadvantaged.

Counterclockwise: O'Connell, Schulz, Hitch, Lendler, Delaney, Tom's wife, Ken Paul, Sr. Cherniavsky, Mack, Clark Waterman

Mark Lendler shared a little about his decade as a worker in the factories in Cincinnati and the circular path that took him back to Yale, authorship, and family life in Wallingford.

Tom Delany told us about his experiences as a nuclear submariner.

Hutch on business, Texas, sailing, and more.

Mack on the the transformation of printing and his career change.

Pensive moments of reflection on our classmates now gone, most recently Nick Payne and John Gamble.

And lots of thoughts about F. Allen Sherk, Evans Meinecke,

We adjourned to the Malone Science Center media room.
We were rewarded by the appearance of Nick Doob  for the first time at a reunion.

He brought his incisive documentary on Al Franken, which generated much discussion.


A rapt audience.
We were reminded by Nick that his career in film was the direct consequence of the opportunity that was given him to do a Senior Project in lieu of the last 6-8 weeks of classes in the spring of 1965.


After the film the discussions continued.
Paul O'Connell bids farewell. His next consulting job will take him to the Middle East.
Next up: a social hour.

Doug Romero and his wife, Shulz, and Waterman.

Doug is an authority on antique timepieces, and he has Bob's attention.
Jim Waterman and Patricia Romero.
Jim Waterman with Ib Jorgensen.

Nick Doob

Mack, Dr. John, Doob, Delaney, Jose, and Romero
John Cerniavsky and wife Maria Zemankova

The wives of Doug Romero (Pat), Tom Delaney (Sandy), and Bob Jose (Ann)

Animated conversations

Dr. John and his new French teacher from Friday, Nancy Katsaros


We received best wishes from Joe Golden, HGS '50, and his wife.

Barbara and Dick Hutchinson

Doug Romero with Pat Borgehson and Mary Ginsberg.
At the dinner in Heath Commons.

Cherniavsky, Maria Zemankova, Doob, Schulz, Waterman, Clark, Alderman, and his wife Shizuko Ushiyama.

Tom and his wife.
Bob and Ann Jose
Gordon Clark with his mother. Gordon's uncle, the Rev. Richard Mapes, was recipient of the Distinguished Alumnus award on Friday.
Bill and Deena Mack have three sons.
The evening wound down.
Hutch holds forth one last time.
And some of us can still dance the night away.... .
Hutch, Mack, and Ken Paul, Sr.
Here is a list of classmates who came on Saturday
  • Hutchinson
  • Mordes
  • Doob (for the first time!)
  • Waterman
  • Clark
  • Delaney
  • Mack
  • Romero
  • Milstone
  • Cherniavsky
  • Schulz
  • O'Connell
  • Lendler
  • Jose
  • Alderman
  • Seldon


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