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HGS '65 *** 45th Reunion: Friday Reception

The 45th Reunion of the HGS class of 1965 began on Friday, June 11, 2015 with two receptions. One was at the Graduate Club. The other was at the home of Barbara Riley. Dinner at the Graduate Club followed for everyone. Here a few photos of our Class Dinner.
Dr. Sunny at the Graduate Club. .
And Dr. John follows. .
Jim Waterman gets much credit and thanks for organizing the event. Here he welcomes everone. In the foreground are Ken Ralph and his wife Wendy. John Cherniavsky is next to Jim. .
A better image of Jim. .
John Braman makes a dramatic entrance. .
A good time was had by all .
Bill Mack, Bill Sarris, and John Braman. .
Paul Howe came all the way from Kazakhstan with his wife Elena. Paul's is a remarkable story. Click here to read it. .

Paul and Elena

Bill Mack and Hutch .

Hutch modeling his brand new varsity sweater. He gets a big hand for all his efforts to organize this reunion dinner. Cheers!


Herb Stocking and Alan Milstone


A la recherce du temps perdu!

Bill Sarris and John Braman


Jeff Alderman and Dr. Gordon Clark.


Essence of Reunion.

John Braman and Bill Walik


O'Connell, Mack, and Milstone


John and Bill a moment later.

.Mike Lopez for his very first reunion. By acclamation, he hasn't changed a bit. .

At dinner


This way. No that way!


John Braman


The pleasure of each other's company

John Braman and Gordy Clark.


Jeff Alderman will retire at the end of the year from his position at Pfizer.


Gordy Clark


Mark Lendler and Jeff Alderman

.Jim and Guests. Steve Scully, in red, joined the festivities. .




Mrs. Cutler, Deena Mack, Sunny and Barbara Hutchinson


.Herb Stocking has retired from his position as an aircraft turbine engine engineer with GE .

Bob Schulz, a model of equanimity.



Rick Ross, Alan Milstone, and Jim Waterman


Paul and Yelena Howe


Rick Ross and Bill Walik


There was no end to the conversation, which continued until closing time.

Bill Walik retired from the NFL to become a successful bond trader in the State of Washington.

.Hmmm.....  .
Helmet envy. Hutch and Braman. .
Hugh Macarthur has retired from dentistry in Glastonbury and looks forward to a new future.
Marc Lendler in deep thought as Dr. Sunny listens up.
Bill Walik and his charming wife Kathleen Gallagher.
Mike Lopez, Bill Walik and his wife Kathleen, and Bill Sarris.
A few speeches were inevitable!
The night ends online with a never ending quest for understanding....
Those who came on Friday
  • Hutchinson
  • Mordes
  • Waterman
  • Clark
  • Braman
  • Mack
  • Romero
  • Macarthur
  • Stocking
  • Sarris

  • Ralph (for the first time!)

  • Milstone

  • Cherniavsky

  • Schulz

  • Howe (for the first time!)

  • Lendler

  • Jose

  • Lopez (for the first time!)

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