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HGS '65 *** 45th Reunion: Pre-Dinner-Reception!

The 45th Reunion of the HGS class of 1965 began on Friday, June 11, 2010 with two receptions. One was at the Graduate Club. The other was at the home of Barbara Riley. Here a few photos of the latter.
Barbara Riley had a big tent for her event. On the porch are, left to right, John Malone, the chair of the board of trustees, and Bill Mack's wife, Deena, the Director of Development  ...
Dr. John's wife, Sunny. .

Sunny and Mary Ellen Fulton, DPH '60.

John Malone and Deena Mack .
The Harmonaires serenade Barbar Riley.. .
A good time was had by all. John Malone '59, Sunny, and Dr. John, '65. .
An apparition from the past: John Braman returns as Captain Midnight! .
John Braman, who has dedicated his career to the education of needy and disadvantaged children, Bill Kneisel, and Dr. John. .

Susan Bennitt, who lived in Spain for 25 years, would be anyone's ideal language teacher.

John Braman, Bill Kneisel, John Malone, and Sunny .

Winding down.




Deep thought: Sunny, John Malone, Bill Mack, and John Braman.


A la recherche du temps perdu! Mr. Ken Paul and his son, Mr. Ken Paul, Jr.!



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