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HGS '65 *** 50th Reunion: Friday!

The 50th Reunion of the HGS class of 1965 began on Friday, June 12, 2015 with a reception follwoed by a dinner at the home of Barbara Riley.  Here a few photos of the Friday event.
The Friday attendees 50th Reunio Friday Attendees 
  Front Row: Alan Milstone, Tom Burkhardt, Jim Waterman, Bob Schulz, Tom Delaney, Paul O'Connell and Robert Wintsch
Back Row: Marc Lendler, Sandy Kurtz, Bill Kneisel, Jim Nippes, John Mordes, John Cherniavsky, Bill Walik, Gordon Clark, Roger Poor, Bill Mack, Randy Burwell, Dick Hutchinson
The reception and dinner in the tent set. Barbara Riley is speaking.   
Barbara Riley addressing the group.
Trustee and classmate Bill Kneisel addressing the group. .
Interior of the Head of School Residence .
Bill Kneisel .Bill Kneisel
Deena Mack
Deena Mack, Bill's wife and Director of Development for the school .
Dick Hutchinson .
Roger Poor .
Alan Milstone
Randy Burwell Randy Burwell

John Cherniavsky

John Cherniavsky
Paul O'Connell .


Bob Schulz .Bob Schulz
Admiral Tom Burkhardt .

Jim Waterman .
Dr. Sanford 'Sandy' Kurtz. Sandy moved to New Jersey after our sophomore year. He has, however, kept faithfully in touch with the school.
Marc Lendler, Professor of Political Science at Bennington
Head of School Barbara Riley .
Marc Lendler with Bob Wintsch and his wife .
Marc Lendler with Bob Wintsch and his wife .
Marc Lendler and Alan Milstone .
Dr. John and Randy Burwell  


Class Scribe, Tom Delaney  

Tom Delaney

Dr. John and his wife, Sunny .
Tom and his wife Tom Delaney and his wife
In deep thought with Barbara Riley at the end of the evening







Those who came on Friday
  • Hutchinson
  • Mordes
  • Waterman
  • Clark
  • Braman
  • Mack
  • Romero
  • Macarthur
  • Stocking
  • Sarris

  • Ralph (for the first time!)

  • Milstone

  • Cherniavsky

  • Schulz

  • Howe (for the first time!)

  • Lendler

  • Jose

  • Lopez (for the first time!)

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