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HGS '65 *** 50th Reunion: Saturday!

The 50th Reunion of the HGS class of 1965 concluded on Saturday, June 13, 2015. It started with an award ceremony for the Alumnus of the Year for 2015 in the Thompson Common Room, a sumptuous luxury we did not have in our day. Click here to learn more about his award. There was also by a brief talk by one of the teachers.

We then moved walked across the campus in gorgeous weather to the huge tent set up for the Reunion Dinner and Entertainment. Our class banner was hung from the ceiling. There was wine to start, a chance to reconnect, and then dinner with entertainment by Hopkins students of another generation.

But the only thing that really mattered was the company of our classmates.
Below are a few photos taken not for art but for the memory of what some of us had become by 2015. There are photos of the venue, of our wives, the food, and of the campus. May they be bring pleasing memories!
Those who attended on Saturday Saturday Group Photo
  Front Row: Alan Milstone, Bill Mack, John Mordes, Dick Hutchinson, Jim Waterman
Middle Row: Roger Poor, Tom Burkhardt, John Cherniavsk, Tom Delaney, Gordon Clark, Bill Kneisel
Back Row: Bob Jose, Bill Walik, Jim Nippes, Doug Romero, Bill Sarris
The campus as it appears now.
Herb Stocking at Registration
The Commons Room we never had.
Alan Milstone, Bill Mack, Dr. John
Herb Stocking
Bob Wintsch
Alumnus of the year award ceremony.
Head of School Barbara Riley
Rapt attention  
Rapt attention  
Rapt attention  
The lecture  
James Lapides  
Rapt attention
Dr. John and Paul O'Connell
Rapt attention
A lecture space of the kind we never had
Bob Seldon, the spirit of California
Deep thought
Thomposn Hall
Bob Jose
Spring on the Hill
Heading to dinner
Dr. Sunny Yando, Dr. John's wife
Under the tent
Dick and Barbara Hutchinson
Standing down
The stage
The class banner. 50 years old. Stately. Pride of place.
One of the '65 tables
Doug Romero
Bill Kneisel and Bill Sarris
Bill Walik
Jim Nippes
Tom, Gordy, Jim
Panorama of the tent space
Hopkins cupcakes, another new feature of the school  
Sunny Yando  




Alan, Tom, Jim, Bill and Hutch  
Alan Milstone and Sunny Yando  
Jim Waterman and Tommy Burkhardt  
Bill Mack, John Cherniavsky and Alan Milstone  
Entertainment from the younger generation of students. Click here to listen in (MOV file).
Gordy Clark and Jim Nippes  
Heading home....
  Quod Fellix Faustumque Sit......


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