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John Braman

John's Graduation Photo John participated in our 55th Reunion, reporting that he now lives in Santa Fe, NM, working still as a specialist in Mindfulnesss education. To learn more, clck here.

He wrote the following on April 23, 1997: "Shocked to hear about Matt [D'Alessio]. Hard to believe that a person I always thought of as invincible could have fallen. I'll enter something about myself when I get back from vacation (leaving tomorrow). Anyway, I'm still kicking. 


"Tell me, why is so little known about so many of our classmates? People like Sal DeMaio and George Fasanella, both famously social and networker types. Do people really disappear? I have more than a curiosity about that; it's kind of unsettling.

"Peace, John" 


John wrote with a new email address in late 2000. Interestingly, he knew Cory Cramer after Hopkins, in the context of a sailing ship. He wrote, "He was a big influence on my development of the schooner Ernestina as a project for education. Check out the page at www.ernestina.org."


To start the fifth year of the HGS '65 web site (2002), John sent along the following:

"Talk about an interesting perspective on Hopkins! I am now President of ISACS, the Independent School Association of the Central States. This is the oldest and largest regional accrediting body in the U. S., with 200 schools in 15 states, www.isacs.org. This follows the award of a Heinz Fellowship which had me in Pasadena for few years after eight years at Lesley University in Cambridge. At Lesley I worked at the School of Education establishing groundbreaking initiatives in teacher education. A big influence during my Hopkins years, as you may remember, was Outward Bound and Cory Cramer-inspired discovery learning. An Outward Bound vagabond for many years, I eventually served as Vice President during the historic merger with mainstream education. Public service has also been a passion. I was a Commissioner for the Massachusetts Department of Education, pioneered the development of a premier sail training program for at-risk youth, and restored the historic tall ship Ernestina, www.ernestina.org. My appreciation of vivid educational programs has never left me, nor my disappointment when adults don't walk the talk. By the way, daughter Carrie is at Bennington College, and son Justin is at Wesleyan University. Will be headed to Middletown on May 26 for his graduation! "

"The illiterate of the twenty-first century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn."

--- Alvin Toffler

Click here to read the text of an ISACS address given by John in 2005. By 2006 we suspect that John may have moved on  to yet newer challenges!


John, shown here with his archival football helmet and event organizer Dick Hutchinson, attended our 45th Reunion in June, 2010.


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