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Bob Caldwell
Bob's Graduation Picture John Mordes writes: "Bob Caldwell was a boy I knew as quiet, proper, and soft spoken. We didn't share many classes, but we did share many moments as work-scholars and in idle musing. When my dad would come to pick me up after work, we would often give Bob a ride to his home off Edgewood Avenue where I once met his mother.

It was with great sadness some few years later to learn that my comrade of so many car rides had died, and that he may have taken his own life.


Years more after that, around 1990, I learned through the school the whereabouts of his brother Alex. After asking if I might learn what happened, Alex graciously called and put the matter to rest. Bob had been the victim of a severe mental illness. "Demon possessed." It drove him, despite all efforts at help, to end his life. He was missing for a year before his fate was known. His loneliness must have been supernal."

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