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Sal DeMaio

Sal's Graduation Photo

In the Spring, 1999 Views from the Hill, John Gamble wrote:

"Sal DeMaio, moved to the Northern Kingdom of Vermont in 1972 as a Hippie Homesteader, raising goats and making goat cheese. He also worked as a carpenter, short order cook, and sign painter. He has been living in St. Johnsbury, VT for the last fifteen years and appraises real estate. Sal enjoys playing in a band which performs at a local establishment. His wife, Caroline, and sister-in-law have a book store in St. Johnsbury. Sal has had a few health problems over the years but he considers them small blips in an otherwise wonderful and fortunate life. As they say in Vermont, 'can't complain, nobody would listen!'"

In August 2001, Sal wrote: I wrote a year or so back to John Gamble with a bit of life history. Nothing much has changed since then. Our son, who spent his senior year of highschool with AFS in Switzerland is headed to University of British Columbia (Vancouver) in the fall. Can't seem to keep the boy down on the farm. Thanks for maintaining this great site. When I whimsically searched my own name a couple of weeks ago, it came up as the first choice."
Sal and David 
Kiphuth In February 2004, we received this from Sal

"[This] is a photo of Dave Kiphuth and I at Banjo Camp North. We met there last May.We had a great time. Dave is one of the instructors.  I was a participant.  We are shown with our Gibson Mastertone Banjos and Dave's Dobjo, which is a combination steel guitar with a five-string banjo neck. I got that banjo when I was still at Hopkins.  I look forward to seeing Dave at camp again this spring. 

Just after our 40th Reunion in 2005, Sal wrote this to Tom Delaney and sent the picture to the right:

Tom, Sorry to have missed it. It sounds like you had a good time.

I attach a December 2004 photo of myself, my two sons (Henry left and Pasquale right) and my wife, Caroline.

I am looking forward to seeing Dave Kiphuth at bonjo camp; it is this coming weekend.

All the best.
Sal Demaio


Sal and his family, December 2004
In 2006, Sal wrote a lovely note on the occasion of the death of George Fasanella.

On December 14, 2009 Sal wrote: "I usually play a holiday greeting that is secular. But this year; this is the tune that kept coming to me, so I recorded Hark the Herald Angels Sing. It originally came from a cantata that Felix Mendelssohn, wrote in 1840 to commemorate Gutenberg's invention of printing. The words came from a 1739 poem written by Charles Wesley, and were added after Mendelssohn's death, even though the composer had specified that the music should remain secular."


Click here to listen.
Click here to watch the video In December, 2014 Sal wrote to us with another musical offering. This one is a YouTube video and it's lovely. Here's his message:

"I was sitting in a café having tea the other morning. There was Christmas music in the mix. I realized, after about ˝ hour, that I had not heard a song that I had not recorded for this Christmas Greeting. This song is the 9th tune I have recorded and sent out.

“It’s beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” was written in 1951 by Meredith Willson. It was recorded by Perry Como in September of that year and again by Bing Crosby in October. Alvin and the Chipmunks recorded it in 1961 with great harmonies. Johnny Mathis recorded it in 1986, and this version was boosted to fame by the movie Home Alone Two, Lost in New York. This version remains a Christmas hit to this day. Can’t say much more about it other than it has a “catchy” tune and clever lyrics, as do many of Willson’s songs. I hope you enjoy it.

Caroline did the slide show....

But foremost, all the very best wishes for a happy holiday season and New Year with love from Caroline and me."


Sal participated in our virtual 55th Reunion and is doing well in the Northern Kingdom.

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