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Paul Howe
Paul's Graduation Photo February, 2004: Jim Waterman wrote to say that Paul is currently in the Peace Corps in Kazakhstan and his email address is below.

Dr. John M., as he set this page up in 1997, remembered that it was Paul Howe who told him, while browsing in the stacks at the old HGS library (for a J.R.R. Tolkein book recommended by Larry Tapper), that JFK had been shot. Does everyone in our class have such an indelible memory?


February 14, 2004

We have this remarkable news from Paul, send to Jim Waterman

Jim and the others. Glad to hear things are fine back in the "states". i guess I should explain how I ended up here, almost half way around the world. (You'll have to forgive my spelling and English in general, I'm used to writing in Russian now.)

As many of you know, my wife of 28 years, Linda, died of cancer in 2000. After that, I didn't have much interest in job or career anymore, so I decided to change my life. My youngest daughter, Rachel, ( by the way, I have 4 children: Elizabeth, Benjamin, Andrew , and Rachel) - headed off to college in North Carolina in 2002. I was left all alone in a 4000 sq ft, 5 bedroom, colonial in Southbury. So I sold that (giving me enough money to retire on) and joined the Peace Corps. My intention was to go to some Tropical island and vacation for two years.

Uncle Sam had other ideas. When I got off the train here in Petropavlovsk (after a 33 hour ride) I was met with "Welcome to Siberia. It's been interesting to say the least. Since I worked with water pollution in America for so many years, the government( as usual) thought I would be perfect for teaching English at a high school here. I actually do use Ecology and the Environment to teach as Content Based Learning.

I'll fill in the rest later ( I have to pay for internet time here) but I do have some further information. I am putting on an Environmental camp for city kids here. To learn about it (and donate money if you choose) go to www.peacecorps.gov and go to "donate." You will find my project under "volunteer projects" under Kazakhstan.

It was great to hear from you and I'll keep in touch.

Paul Howe Kaz 12 Petropavlovsk Kazakhstan

Paul owe in 2006

Paul Howe, February, 2006, and with Jim Waterman, below. Click on the pictures for larger images.

Paul Howe and Jim Waterman in February 2006

January, 2006

Jim Waterman writes:

Wanted to report that I had lunch on Tuesday with Paul Howe. First time we had seen each other since graduation day 40 plus years ago. Also attending were Paul's lovely daughter Rachel, a recent graduate of Elon College in NC and mutual friends....

Paul is living in Kazakhstan about 60 miles from China.  He married last October to a woman he met there.  Paul says she has never been to this country and has no overwhelming desire to do so.  He is working for an environmental company and is enjoying his life very much.  He is here for a one week visit and will be leaving tomorrow February 3 for the 22 hour return trip. We agreed not to wait 40 years to get together again.




And in June, 2010 Paul and his wife Yelena returned for our 45th Reunion!

Paul and his wife Elena.

Mail Address: Kaz 12 Petropavlovsk Kazakhstan
Telephone: No information available

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