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Paul O'Connell

Paul's Graduation Photo After a long and distinguished career in the U.S. Army, Paul has retired and become an executive in the security business. He made a surprise and welcome appearance at our 30th reunion.
The photo to the right was taken at the 30th reunion. Paul is second from the left in the middle row. HGS '65 30th Reunion Group Photo

In January, 1998, Paul sent the following note to Hutch:

"Hi Hutch - You can reach me directly at this e-mail address. If I'm out of the country, it may take some time to get back to you, but rest assured that I will when I get back.

"Washington is a great place - especially now that they have the metro. I'll be glad to fill you in so that yor next trip will be more productive. They even have (or used to) a pretty good public tour of the Pentagon. Go see what your tax dollars are buying, and the hordes of bewildered looking staff officers running around thinking "if we're not at war anywhere in the world, why are we in such a panic?" I used to refer to it as the world's largest hospital ward of self-inflicted wounds, and I still break out in a rash when I drive by. But, it's still worth the trip.

"Hope to speak with you soon. Give my regards to any classmates who are in contact."

In December, 2009 Paul wrote that he is currently teaching at the DOD Joint Counterintelligence Training Academy.

Mail Address: No information available
Telephone: No information available
E-mail: SIGMAGRP@ aol.com

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