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Nicholas "Nick" Payne

Nick's Graduation Photo We had no information about Nick until his son informed us that he died in 2001 His verbatim email to us is below.

"My name is Stephen Payne and I am the son of Nick Payne who was in your leavers of 1965. I have been searching for information about his past and have stumbled upon your website but see you have no information on him. I am very sorry to have to tell you that in 2001 my father died of Cancer, after suffering for only a short time.

But i would like to give you some information on him so that his memory can be kept forever on your webpage. He met my mother Sue whilst skiing on holiday and married her for what was to become 24 years. I am one of two sons, myself Stephen aged 19 and my brother Philip aged 21. We live in Wimbledon in London and have had a fantastic life. My father went on to work for Brown and Root oil company and led a very successful career; I have no idea what he was like as a youth but throughout my life and memories of him he never let moment go by without some kind of activity. He was incredibly active, went travelling, enjoyed windsurfing and other such sports, and in 2000 he spent some months working in Rio de Janiero where he had the time of his life fulfilling many dreams.

I just wanted to give some information to you so that it could be added to the website and maybe if you or anyone you knew had any more information or memories maybe you could email me.

I really do appreciate this as he was a great man and is truly missed. Thank you

Stephen Payne"


S Payne, Arts 04


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