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John Cherniavsky

Graduation Photo of John Dr. John Cherniavsky is now retired from his position in the Education Directorate of the National Science Foundation. He attended our 55th reunion vittually.

He attended attended our 25th reunion, sent the following on June 24, 1997:

"Just found the page while surfing the net. Wonderful job!

Some update information. I'm now at the National Science Foundation in Arlington Virginia. I'm a Division Director for the Office of Cross Disciplinary Activities in the Computer, Information Science, and Engineering Directorate.

It turns out that Bob Wintsch is at the National Science Foundation this year also - just found out due to some phone calling for a DC reunion. He's a geologist. The reunion phone calling revealed 6 - 1965 alumni in the Washington DC area. That's about 10% of the class. One other coincidence, Brian Hearn lives on the same floor of the same apartment building that I live in."


John married Maria Zemankova on August 3, 1996. The photo shows them during their honeymoon in Prague. John and Maria in Prague
In December, 1997, John wrote again to say, "Maria and I did a wonderful trip to Peru and the Inca trails to Manchu Piccu this August/September. Highly recommended (and cheap if you book the porters, etc. in Cuzco).  Maria's hiked in the Himalayas and said that it reminded her a bit of that experience. The Andes are an impressively young range of mountains with correspondingly steep slopes and deep valleys. We also stayed at a ecological research station on a tributary of the Amazon in a Peruvian National forest - again a wonderful experience....

We had Thanksgiving with Rob Wintsch and discussed our mutual experiences at HGS."

September, 1999: "I am now Senior Advisor for Research, Education and Human Resources Directorate, National Science Foundation."


This note is from News and Views, Winter 2006/2007

John...is in the Education Directorate of the National Science Foundation working on programs that have a learning technology component. The challenge in science education is how to ensure that the U.S. produces an internationally competitive next generation of scientists and engineers. John and his wife, Maria, built a house hear DC and then sold it when Maria found it to be too big for them! Their son, Peter, is just entering second grade. "Being an older parent keeps you much younger. (Who thought I would be doing Cub Scouts at my age?).

Mail Address: 1600 S. Eads St, Apt. 623 S, Arlington, VA 22202
Office Address: Room 855, NSF, 4201 Wilson Blvd, Arlington VA 22230
Telephone: 703-306-1980
E-mail: .

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