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Gordon Clark

Gordon's Graduation Photo Dr. Gordon Clark was a psychiatrist andPresident and Medical Director of Integrated Behavioral Health in Portland, ME. He is now retired.

Gordon has been a regular participant at our reunions, inculding our virtual 55th!

The color photo shows Gordon in the center after running the 30th Reunion Foot Race with Tom Delaney (right) and John Mordes. The 30th Reunion Footrace Team
In the Spring, 1999 Views from the Hill, John Gamble wrote:

"Gordon Clark has ridden the roller coaster of marriage and the same coaster in work. Things have settled down for him being married to Gail for ten plus years. Gordy crusades for the American Association of Community Psychiatrists, representing the idealists who take care of our sickest, deinstitutionalized, mental health patients. He is currently president-elect of the American Association of Psychiatric Administrators. Gordy, tired of being fired because he fought for what he believed, set up his own group in Portand, ME, Integrated Behavioral Health; he is the Director and President of this facility. Gordy met Gail on Hurricane Island in an Outward Bound Sailing Experience. She teaches and sells art out of her studio that is perched on the upper falls of the Royal River in Yarmouth. They have four children: Adam, an eager hockey and tennis player; Christopher, a graduate of Middlebury College; Heather, a freshman at Yale; and Emily, married and graduated from BU Law School, recently accepted a position with a law firm in Boston."

This photo shows Gordon after running the 35th Reunion Foot Race with with Dr. John and
Alan Milstone.
Clark, Mordes, Milstone, after the race

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