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Nick Doob
Graduation Photo of Nick Nick lives in New York and works in film.

We had no news of him until he made it to our 40th reunion in 2005.

To learn a lot more about him and his career, click here to read a 2007 NY Times article..


At the reunion, he brought his incisive documentary on Al Franken, which generated much discussion.

This film is slated for release in theaters in the fall of 2005. Click here for more information.


This note is from News and Views, Winter 2006/2007 Nick and a colleague have produced a documentary titled "Al Franken: God spoke," which follows the political humorist from his war with fellow commentator Bill O'Reilly to his fight for progressive candidates. It will hit U.S. theaters just in time for the November elections.

On February 22, 2017 he was thanked from the stage during the Oscars on February 22 for his contribution as cinematographer to the winning documentary film, Smile Pinki. Here's a note from Nick.



About the film:  it was commissioned by the organization Smile Train to bring attention to what they do. Basically, they fund grass-roots people like Dr. Subodgh, who runs a small hospital in Varanasi, India, to perform cleft palate operations.  Dr. Subodgh does most of the operations himself, is clearly a man on a mission. Smile Train itself has remarkably little presence there, and operates more or less only as a funding source. 'Smile Pinki' is a film which follows the hospital's outreach to a rural village a few hours from Varanasi. They find Pinki, an unhappy six-year old girl with a severe cleft palate, who suffers ridicule from her peers and is kept out of school.  We then follow Pinki in what for her becomes a life-changing experience. It feels a bit like a fairy-tale. 

Pinki, who comes from a village with no electricity, no running water or phone or television, was flown with her father and Dr. Subodgh to the Oscar ceremony in Los Angles, but slept through it. Now she wants to be a doctor, she says.  Probably better than being a movie star. 


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