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Greg Jones
Greg's Graduation Photo Greg wrote the following to Hutch on March 2 ,2003:

Hello Hutch,

Thank you for your letter. It was more than a pleasant surprise and I have enjoyed the website. I must say that I am daunted by your seeming DVD memory. That Hopkins year for me is almost too grainy to discern a plot, but a heroic score does play in the background as ’65 classmate credits roll. What a remarkable interlude between behemoth Annandale High School and plebe year at Navy.

After USNA, I married Jackye, my Annandale sweetheart and reported to a destroyer out of Pearl Harbor, spending most of the time bobbing around the South China Sea. Learned to surf. I then reported to grad school at Stanford University just in time for the student body burn down the NROTC unit in protest. Thankfully, my Hopkins experience assured that I could “blend in” for four years as ordered. Learned to braid my hair. I spent 6 months in Newport RI then out to San Diego for my second tour aboard ship, sans first wife but she’s still a sweetheart. Later, I joined the NROTC unit at UCLA where I met my “current” wife, Nancy. Yes, I taught her class in celestial navigation, but that’s not why she got an “A.”

I left the Navy in LA in 1981, worked for Flying Tigers, traveled a bunch and help dress it up for the sale to FedEx. Since then, I have had a number of jobs in the semiconductor industry from the equipment side to the product and technology side where I am now with Ramtron. We’re on the web at www.ramtron.com.

I’m at 7k feet in Colorado Springs, with the fence of Air Force Academy, ironically, defining my backyard. Both my boys play lacrosse as do the AF cadets that we have sponsored over the years (i.e., provided a sanctuary with keg-like adornments). My youngest son is a freshman in high school; my oldest son is a freshman at Tisch/NYU. Nicole, my daughter by Jackye, is serendipitously one hour north in Denver with my two grand children. I still travel a bunch, but mostly to Asia and Europe, and I enjoy what I do. Been lucky.

It would be a treat to attend a reunion, although “The Annandale Flash” is better remembered as “Dr. Strangeglove,” Billy Wallik’s tribute to my ability to create uncertainty anytime that there was a ball involved.

Best, Greg

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