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David Kiphuth

David's Graduation Photo In the Spring, 1999 Views from the Hill, John Gamble wrote:

"Dave Kiphuth is presently living in Saratoga Springs, NY, after having moved from Portsmouth, NH with his wife and children. He worked as a computer-based illustrator of maps and charts. Then he began to use water colors and is now working for Field and Stream Magazine painting fish scenes. Dave is putting his art work together for an auction at the Episcopal Church. If you happen to be up that way, stop in and say hello to him."

In February 2004 we received this photo and information from Sal Demaio.

"[This] is a photo of Dave Kiphuth and I at Banjo Camp North. We met there last May.We had a great time.  ave is one of the instructors.  I was a participant. We are shown with our Gibson Mastertone Banjos and Dave's Dobjo, which is a combination steel guitar with a five-string banjo neck. I got that banjo when I was still at Hopkins. I look forward to seeing Dave at camp again this spring. 

Dave and Sal Demaio

David and his wife Linda, 2005 Click on the image for a larger version.

In June, 2005 David sent Tom Delaney this message:

Dear Tom:

I am SO sorry to hear about Karl. He is such a great guy, although I haven't seen him in a million years. With so many of our Bluegrass greats passing these days, it's especially poignant to hear this news. I sent him a snail letter of appreciation and hope he got it. I just told him how much he'd meant to every one.

As for me, life is good. I am living up in the woods in Greenfield Center, right near Saratoga Springs. { (518) 587-4735} Our daughter Allison goes to the Waldorf School in Saratoga Springs, and is 16, hard as that is for me to believe. My wife Linda Schrade owns Saratoga Beads, a successful store right in town, and it has become a beading Mecca.

After 15 years being a newspaper illustrator for the Daily Gazette out of Schenectady, I enjoyed as much as I could stand as of last August, and bailed, escaping the ever-present clutches of the Managing Editor, who is a viper and was my enemy the whole time. Now I am painting, illustrating and playing banjo full-time. I illustrated Ken Schultz's Fishing Encyclopedia and Worldwide Angling Guide, pub. by IDG in 2000, for which I did nearly 500 drybrush watercolors of fish. After a LONG and drawn out legal debate, I got the originals back, (which Schultz thought he owned!!) and now I'm in the process of setting up a website and will market Giclee prints and related material concerning all this.

I continue to play with a couple of bands here and there, and have gotten back into clawhammer banjo after years of just playing Scruggs style. I see Sal at Banjo Camp North, where my wife and I have been on the faculty for 3 or 4 years. I continue to tell everyone that it was he who first exposed me to Flatt and Scruggs and the 5-string, and It is really because of early exposure at Hopkins that I am playing (44 years, as of this coming birthday!!). I really do wish the reunions wer another weekend. Mothers Day for me is the pits because it is ALWAYS the weekend of the Indian Neck Festival, which I've gone to for 40 years!! I can hardly imagine forsaking all my dear musical friends of so many years to come to New Haven. I hope everyone understands this. (Maybe there can be a gathering at some other time?...I'd be into that!!)

More later...yer old buddy Dave Kiphuth...say hi to everyone!!

Dave participated in our virtual 55th reunion.  

Mail Address: No information available
Telephone: (518) 587-4735

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