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Marc Lendler
Marc's Graduation Photo After leaving HGS for Ohio Wesleyan, Marc transferred to and graduated from Antioch College. He spent a good deal of time thereafter immersed in the proletariat in Cincinatti, later to emerge with a doctorate in political science. He has most recently taught at Bennington, Yale, and Smith. He plans to retire in 2021.
The more recent photo shows Marc, right, with Alan Milstone at our 25th reunion. Marc and Alan Milstone at our 25th reunion
Marc Lendler, just back from a trip to Viet Nam attended our 39th mini-reunion on February 7, 2004. He is now on the faculty at Smith College, and a grandfather.

Most recently, he attended our virtual 55th Reunion.

Mail Address: 10 Mary Ann Lane, Wallingford, CT 06492
Telephone: No information available

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