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Kendrick "Ken" Ralph
Ken's Graduation Photo We had no information to share about Ken until he wrote to Tom Delany in August, 2017:

"After 44 years I decided it is about time that I let my classmates know I am alive and well. I retired in 2005 after working for the Defense Department for my entire career, mostly with the Corps of Engineers. I now live with my wife, Wendy, at Smith Mountain Lake in the Blue Ridge foothills of Virginia where we enjoy boating, hiking, wine tasting and Virginia Tech football. I am an avid snow skier and wakeboarder and try to stay fit by going to the gym several days a week. We also like to travel and usually take a cruise each year.

I have two kids ages 32 and 37 and now have two grandchildren who are 5 and 2. The grandkids are both water rats so we spend a lot of time swimming, tubing, etc. whenever they visit.

My father is still living in Wallingford where we visit him several times a year. However I must confess that I have only been back to the hill once in all these years and that was a long time ago. I still see Ib Jorgensen during my visits as he and Birgit were our neighbors for many years and attend my Dad�s church. He keeps me up to date on some of the Hopkins activities and former teachers.

Ken & Wendy Ralph 2009

I also saw John Heath at my mother�s funeral back in 2004. He and his wife were very good friends of my parents. I regret that I never got up to see Heath Commons before he passed away.

Prior to my retirement I saw Dick Hentz fairly often as he worked (works?) for the same agency that I did in Northern Virginia. However to the best of my recollection I haven�t seen anyone else since 1965. I am planning to attend the 45th reunion next spring and look forward to catching up with my classmates.

I am attaching a couple pictures so that someone will hopefully recognize me next year. I do have the advantage having seen the pictures of those that attended reunions the past few years (and the image of the handlebar mustache really sticks!).

Thanks for the due diligence of being class secretary and feel free to pass this info and my email address along to anyone else. If you or any of our classmates happen to be in the Roanoke area, please stop in. We always have a guest room ready!"



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