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HGS '65 Mini-Reunion February 7, 2004!

On February 7, 2004, thanks largely to the efforts of Jim Waterman, nine of us gathered for lunch at the Colonial Tymes Restaurant in Hamden.

Those who came included:

  • Doug Romero
  • Jim Waterman
  • Dick Hutchinson
  • Bill Kneisel
  • Bob Jose
  • Bob Schulz
  • Mark Lendler
  • Bill Sarris
  • John Mordes

A lovely time was had by all.!

 Here's a bit of an archive with text from Hutch and photos from Romero, Schulz and Mordes. We'll try to make it prettier over the summer.

Have a look at what we did. And think about coming to #40--we haven't all that many chances left!

The Class of '65 Mini-Reunion February 7, 2004

Seated left to right: Lendler, Hutchinson, Jose

Standing left to right Mordes, Schulz, Kneisel, Sarris, Romero, Waterman

Click for a larger version.

Reunion activities started at noon on Saturday, remarkably promptly at noon. There has occurred, over the years of reunions, a remarkable reanimation of our schoolboy camaraderie. It seemed a little disingenuous at first, but it has grown from a wary silliness to something very warm and not too distant from dithyrambic. Whatever it was, we shared it, and we invite all of HGS '65  to share in it with us in the future.
Class Commander Dick Hutchinson outside the Colonial Tymes
Bill Sarris and Jim Waterman
Doug Romero trying to reach Tom Delaney on his cell phone
Bob Jose, without a tie!
Marc Lendler, just back from a trip to Viet Nam is now on the faculty at Smith College, and, more importantly, a grandfather.
Bob Schulz, also a grandfather, and Bill Kneisel looking over the '65 Pantagraph
Lendler and Hutchinson
Hutch's enthusiasm was, well, infectious!
Al Milstone was working and unable to attend, but Hutch and Dr. John visited him at his instrument repair shop later in the day.  

We hope to see everyone in May at a celebration for Tommy Burkhard, as he receives the Distinguished Alumnus Award, and then at our 40th in 2005!
If you've made it this far, you should really think about joining your classmates at a future venue. There is magic in reanimation!




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