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Robert "Bob" Wintsch

Bob's Graduation Photo

After HGS, Bob received his B.A. from Beloit and then a Ph.D. from Brown in 1975.

John Cherniavsky has written that Bob, a geologist, has left the National Science Foundation to return to the University of Indiana.

He has a personal home page there,


which tells us that he is Professor of Geological Sciences (Metamorphic, structural, sedimentary petrology, tectonics, geochronology.)

This recent photograph is from Bob's web site

In the Spring, 1999 Views from the Hill, John Gamble wrote:

"Bob Wintsch is living in Virgina and is a geology teacher. He was surprised that Brian Hearn and John Cherniavsky live there also and he will try to look them up."

Mail Address: GY 325, University of Indiana
Office Telephone: 812-855-4018

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