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An HGS '65 Scholarship is Endowed

In 2005, after looking back over the opportunities that HGS had opened up to a kid from Fair Haven, Dr. John Mordes and his parents thought it would be a good thing to try to help others have a similar chance.

To that end, he has established a scholarship fund in the name of his parents. Click here to see the School's announcement of the John P. Mordes, Sr. and Elizabeth Conway Mordes Scholarship Fund to benefit scholarship and financial aid at Hopkins.

On December 1, 2005, the school hosted a luncheon in their honor. Both were 88 at the time. It was a moving event for the family. Here are a few pictures.

The December luncheon. From left, Head of School Barbara Riley, Dr. John, his mother Elizabeth, John's brother Robert, and his father, John, Sr.

Mordes Family

John Mordes and his father, John, Sr.

John, Sr. and John, Jr. Dad likes to tell the story that he heard about HGS but didn't know how to go about having his son apply. So he drove me there one day, parked, and asked the first person he saw how to do it. That person was F. Allen Sherk....
Sunny Yando, John, Mom, brother Robert, and John, Sr.

The Mordes Family in 2005

Mom and Jim Waterman Mom and Jim Waterman
The event was attended by Head of School Barbara Riley and several classmates who knew my parents from long ago. They  included, left to right, Hutch, Jim Waterman, Alan Milstone, JPM, Bob Shultz, Bill Kneisel, and Bill Mack.

HGS Classmates

Bill Kneisel learns how dad found out about HGS.

Bill Kneisel and dad

Nancy Katsaros

Teacher of French, Nancy Katsaros, with mom.
Deena Mack and Mary Ginsberg of the Development office, with Dr. Regina Yando, John's wife.

Deena Mack, Mary Ginsberg, and Dr. Regina Yando

Deena Mack, Barbara Riley, and Alan Milstone

Deena Mack, Barbara Riley, Alan Milstone

Hutch and John, Sr.

Hutch and John, Sr.

John, Sr.

Pop had a great time

Sunny Yando, Deena Mack, and Alan Milstone

Sunny Yando, Deena Mack, and Alan Milstone

Small world: Mary Ginsberg and my father discover common roots in Fair Haven!

John,. Sr., Mary Ginsberg, and Elizabeth

Heading home.... Heading home
Heading home



Tibi gratias ago...


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